Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life After a Move

Ok, it took me a year to get back on my feet after a cross country move.  Actually, 10 months to be exact. Lots of organizing, planning, and adjusting... fast forward through the sweaty details and here we are, in Boise, Idaho!  A new job, new school for kids, new hobbies and a new life.

As physicians, I think we are trained to multitask and make decisions quickly.  It's part of the torture of nights on call, where you are so tired that unless the algorhithms are entrenched in your brain time is lost and lives are at stake.  As a mother, life is similar, especially with three kids and a home, family and job to juggle.  Henceforth my posts will be comprised of short tips for life, from my experiences and ideas generated between piano lessons, orthodontist appointments, and playdates on my days not with patients.

Ideas for a productive day:

1.  Get up early.
2.  Make a daily list of things to accomplish on that day.
3.  Exercise in the morning if possible.
4.  Take a few minutes to reflect on personal goals.
5.  Remember to have patience, as things will not always go as planned.
6.  Give a moment's thought regarding dinner plans, check refrigerator to see if you have the ingredients.
7.  Gather supplies you will need for the day:  water bottles, ballet clothes, soccer shoes- and put near the door so nothing will be forgotten.
8.  Review your calendar for appointments.
9.  Check bank account online for balance and outgoing payments.
10.  Review Twitter and Linked In updates.
11.  Briefly check emails.
12.  Remind yourself that you are only human, once again patience is a virtue.

Have a great day!

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