Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to Family Practice

Life in the world of medicine is always changing, so is the busy life of a doctor.  Urgent Care was nice while it lasted, but I believe shiftwork is not really conducive to a balance home life.  Or my sanity. 

Today is a perfect example.  At work, seeing patients from 8a-8p.  I'm on my second day in a row, but technically more if you count all the work I do before I GET to work and after I get home.  I'm a bit frazzled as my husband is out of town, kudos to single moms out there.  Anyway, I called home after the sitter picked the kids at the bus. 

Me:  Hi there, sweetie, how was your day?

My oldest sweetie:  All the other parents were there to see our science projects.  Everyone except you.  And my solar oven didn't even work.  Everyone else's worked, mine didn't.

Mommy Guilt:  I'm sorry, honey.  Why don't you have a peanut butter cookie?

And  so on and so forth.  The benefits of an appointment-based practice for working mothers is manyfold, first of all being able to schedule time off to go the science fair.

I do think that this balance and associated guilt makes us better doctors.  We understand the stress that patients go through, and are able to communicate more empathetically.  And in the end, hopefully it will make us more well-rounded parents, able to guide our children with the wisdom gained from negotiating a balance in life, no matter how precarious it seems at times. 

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